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Application Information

Thank you for reading more information about our application process.. we feel this is very important to you and to us. On the very top we have instructions for the application and then below is some simple Q & A's about the application. Below that is information we are looking for in the application. Below that is very important information that you should do with the application.. again thank you.
Application Instructions:
Copy & Paste this application to a blank e-mail or to Microsoft Word program, complete the information then send to us asap.
(Copy & Paste:  Hold down the left side button of your mouse & Drag your mouse starting at "Aware-RSD Application To Join Aware-RSD" continue dragging your mouse all the way to the end of the application, not the end of the page. If you do exactly this it will not copy the side buttons and picture at the bottom or any website information you do not want in the application. Then after you have highlighted the entire application then hold Ctrl button at same time push letter "C" to copy. Hold Ctrl button at same time push letter "V" to paste. If you need further help go to )
Questions & Answers:
Q: Why do I need to complete an application?
A: We ask all persons who would like to join our MSN online support group for an application because we would like to have information about you for our records. We also can verify information that members supply to us so we are a little more guarenteed that you are who you say you are. The internet as you may know is a very unsecure place to be and our members like to feel safe that no intruders, spammers, hackers and /or other person(s) that would cause harm to them or the group as a whole so they will not get in to read about them, take their personal information they share with the group. As well as sageguarding that attorneys, workmans comp, SSI workers, social workers who maybe trying to find faults or fraudulent information about you or so no one can be spied on  without their knowledge. Members just want to feel safe, I believe you would as well. Our group is private in meaning no one can see anything inside our group unless they are a member, which means every person must complete the application, which means we know about every person who joins the group and in fact they have RSD/CRPS or another Chronic pain condition or is a friend/family members of the person who has the conditions and is a member for support of them.
Q: Who views my application?
A: The Aware-RSD  manager of the group is the only person who views the application and no information is shared with anyone without your permission and written consent accept for your mailing address if you state a birthday or anniversary in which one assistant manager will send you greeting cards for those occasions and for no other use.
Q: What happens to my application once it is sent to Aware-RSD?
A: Your application is placed in a  email folder for approx 24 hours and then information is transfered to a safe secure private group in which the manager/owner only has access to it.
Q: Should I keep a copy of my application?
A: Yes, we recommend that everyone keeps a copy of the application incase we ask for it again and that you know what information you supplied to us. We may also ask for updated information from time to time.
Q: If for some reason I am no longer a member or I am denied to become a member, what happens to my application?
A: We can destroy your application by request but we do require written verfication of this and sent to us by e-mail to:  . If no request is given we file your application under " Non-Member" folder for either future membership or gathering of information for management purposes.
Q: Can my application be denied if I don't supply all of my personal information?
A: Yes.. we may deny your application. Again we need to make sure that you are who you say you are in the event of something happening to you or another member. We may however make exceptions if you explain why you cannot supply that information.
Q: Why do you ask for my mailing address?
A: We require your mailing address so we can again verify who you say you are as well as send you birthday cards, anniversary cards, holiday cards and or gifts and /or RSD infiormation. If you would to be exempt from this please let us know asap by written notification in a seperate e-mail or by snail mail.
Q: Why do you ask for my phone number's?
A: We ask for your home phone numbers, cell phone numbers and emergency contact numbers because again so we can verify by phone of who you say you are and in the event of an emergency we can contact you or your family as many times management has had to check on members due to suicide threats, hospitalizations, surgeries, etc.
* If you have other questions we can answer that we didn't add here, please e-mail us at asap and we may place the Q & A here for others to see.*

Sample & Information about the

Aware-RSD Application To Join Aware-RSD



Personal Information: 

First Name & Last Name: (We Need Full First & Last Name)

MSN/Hotmail/Net Passport Nickname: (Any Nicknames you go by with MSN, Hotmail or Net Passport or the nickname you used when you joined our group.)

Full Mailing Address: ( We need full legal mailing address including your street address or P.O. Box #, City, State , zip code and country)

Home & Cell #’s: (We need any and all numbers for emergencys such as home, cell and emergency contact #'s and even a work # if it applies to you)

All e-mail addresses: (We need all your e-mail addresses that you have especially if you have an AOL e-mail as AOL has in the past refused our e-mail mailings due to thinking we are spam, in which we are not. So if you have an AOL e-mail please share with us atleast more then one e-mail address that is not AOL. Also if you have an automatic spam blocker on and we must be added to your e-mail address book before you can get mail from us we recommend that you add the following addresses asap: If any e-mails we send get returned to us for  any reason at anytime before, during membership you may be denied or removed asap, we will not tolerate not being able to contact you through e-mail.)

Birthday: (We would like to have your birthday so we can add your birthday to our online calendar so we can wish you a happy birthday at our groups message board and through private e-mail. We also would like to send you a birthday card through snail mail)

Wedding, Anniversary: (We would like to have your anniversary ( if applicable) so we can add your anniversary at our groups message board and at our online calander so we including the members can wish you a Happy Anniversary. Alsi send you either an egreeting by email or a card through the mail.)

Any Teen(s) between 13-16? (We ask because we have another MSN online support group for Teens which is called "Aware-RSD-Teens" in which they can join to get to know other teens that have parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or other family or friends that have RSD/CRPS and to learn more about it and learn how to cope with your RSD/CRPS, also they can join other kids who have RSD/CRPS and can help explain to them what it is like to have it in their own words. They must be atleast 13 and no older then 16. Older then 16 can join our main support group but also must complete this application as well. Their is no application for the teens group as we do not want kids to ever give out personal information)

Medical History:

How did you acquire your condition? (We want to learn more about what you have, what you are dealing with so we know how we can better help you with information, support, etc.)

Length of time you have been afflicted: (We want to learn more about what you have, what you are dealing with so we know how we can better help you with information, support, etc.)

Body Parts Affected: (We want to learn more about what you have, what you are dealing with so we know how we can better help you with information, support, etc.) 

Other Information:

List any interests/hobbies: (We want to learn more about what you like and to see if you have same interests as other members as well to see if we can get you interested in other things we have found to help us get through our pain conditions.)

List online Support Groups: (We ask this so we can learn more about other support groups online. We would like for you to supply if you are a member of other support groups or own another online support group or help manage another support group, if you can supply details such as links, name of group and how long you have been a member/owner. We may also join if you would like us to do so)

List face to face Support Groups: (We ask this so we can learn more about other face to face support groups . We would like for you to supply if you are a member of other support groups or run a face to face support group or help manage another support group, if you can supply details such as name of group and how long you have been a member/owner, how long the group has been running, if it is non profit, etc)


Verification Process: 

"I,  _____See below______________   [SU1] have read “Aware-RSD” *Terms of Use, *Disclaimer and *Privacy Policy and by signing this application shows that I agree to them. The direct links are Disclaimer and Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. If you would like to see it by email please request one at . I also am verifying all information I wrote/typed on this application is true. I do understand that if any information is found to be untrue I will be denied as a member and if given membership I maybe removed of all membership capabilities ASAP,  


Sign Your Name: _______See below_________________[SU2] 

Print Full Name: ________See below_________________[SU3] 

Date Completed: ________See below_________________[SU4] 


*If you live outside the USA please e-mail us a for further instructions *. 

Mail This Completed Application ASAP to:*


 [SU1]Insert Name

 [SU2]Insert Name Electronically

 [SU3]Insert Name Electronically

 [SU4]Insert Date Electronically

Please send your completed application asap to:
Once you completed the application and we send you verification of acceptance and directions how to sign up to our group which is totally seperate from this website, the apply process is through MSN and has no part in our application process although it may seem like your applying twice your not, msn and Aware-RSD have nothing to do with one another..
Thank you for completing our Aware-RSD application,
Ok now is the last part.. go to (if you have not already) and click
join now (or rejoin if you need to do so) (you may need to get a net passport if you don't have one already) and we look forward to chatting and messaging with you.
Aware-RSD Management Team