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What's New Here


Welcome to our what's new page.

We created this page so we can show you what is new every week as we will be adding & updating all our information here so we can continue to make our website " Aware-RSD" the best website online. See remarks below:



July 2009

New Information added

May 2005

1) Shari's Bio: A page created that is the bio and RSD/Chronic pain story along with pictures of family, friends, pets and more. Done on 5/27/05 

2) Aware-RSD Application: Updated application, shorter and easier, broken down into 2 seperate pages which the application information is not on the application. Done on 5/27/05

3) Application Information: A new page explaining everything about the application process to instructions to Q & A's, Done on 5/27/05 

4) Pain Clinics: Pain Management Doctors/Clinics from Alabama to Wyoming completed read more here. Done on 5/26/2005

5) For Silent Voices: New page for making nominations to a women who has made a huge difference for the RSD community and earn a grant for possible research for RSD.. read more here Done on 5/24/05

6) Pain Clinics: All of New York is completed.. more to come soon.  Done on 5/15/05

7) RSDS/CRPS News: News Added/Updated. Done on 5/11/05

April 2005: 

Pain Clinics: Removed Temp. for updating due to info being old & obsolete.  Should be back up & running with a two week period. Sorry for this inconvience. Done on 4/17/05

Awareness Info:  Updated Done on 4/1/05

Write Letters: New Page  Done on 4/1/05

Sample Awareness Letter: New Page  Done on 4/1/05

Contact Shows: New Page  Done on 4/1/05

Awareness News/Updates: New Page Done on 4/1/05

RSDS News: New Page with All Sorts of News Done on 4/1/05

March 2005:

Doctor's List:  Updated Done on  3/20/05 

Support Groups: Updated  Done on  3/20/05

Aware-RSD Documents: New Document Added. Done on  3/20/05

What's New Page: Updated  Done on  3/20/05