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Help Us Make A Difference....
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A Message from American RSDHope

First I want to thank everyone who sent in emails to California RSD Education bill AB 1648.  I am sure John Garret of FOR GRACE in CA joins me in that thanks. If you need a refresher or if you are new to the list, you can read the details on the bill by going to

Especially those outside the State of California who took the time to help out your out-of-staters! I am sure they will be happy to help you when it is your turn.

There are groups such as American RSDHope, RSDSA, SCRSDA, RSDHarbor, RSD Discovery, For Grace, SteelAngels, Groups in Philly- Mars-, MN, Moving Forward, Mount Laurel, Saco, Ragland, Patterson, North FL, Tri-Cities, Tri-Counties, Aware-RSD, RSD Outreach, RSD Pregnancy Pals, RSD Victims, RSDHope Teens, Sue Pugh's Group, RSDHope College Quad, SKIP, Fighting Back, Beat RSD, RSD-Online, Jim O'Donnell Group, Isis Farina's Group, Aware-RSD Teens and Parents,  and so many other group owners that I just can't all mention here for lack of space and time, that are all fighting together for National RSD Awareness. Not to mention all of the thousands of individuals across the country where there are no groups who are willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

I am sorry if I didn't mention everyone.

We have all talked about the need for some form of National RSDS/CRPS Education Bill, hopefully funded by the NIH, to help educate and inform everyone in this country about our Disease.

Well, it starts one state at a time. A few states have already accomplished theirs. Now we are working on California. We passed out the address last week and so many of you wrote as I mentioned and we are grateful. But we hit a snag.

According to John Garrett of For Grace, the CA RSD Group, "CA Assembly Health committee has been overwhelmed with e-mails of support for AB 1648-- so they've decided they're not going to accept them. "

So what does this mean? John has asked everyone who can to get PERSONALLY SIGNED letters to them within the next ten days. Here is the information on where to send them.

Dear RSD Community,

THANK YOU for your LOUD VOICES of support from all across the nation for the California RSD Education bill.  They heard you in Sacramento!!!

However, it has been brought to our attention that the Assembly Health committee, who will be considering the bill at a hearing on April 12th, has decided not to count any e-mailed letters of support-- as they do not have signatures.  Frankly, this committee is working overtime to kill this bill-- BUT WE WON'T LET THEM!

So PLEASE, using the information contained in the link below, snailmail or fax a signed letter of support for AB 1648 before April 12th.  If possible, please send a letter to each Health Committee member. 

If that's too time consuming or expensive, please send/fax a signed letter to our legislative liaison, Tamara Odisho, in Assembly Member Fran Pavley's office (her contact information is below.)

Link to Health Committee information:

Contact info for Ms. Odisho:

Ms. Tamara Odisho
Legislative Aide
Office of Assemblymember Fran Pavley
Forty-first Assembly District
State Capitol
P.O. Box 942849
Sacramento, CA 94249-0041
916.319.2141 fax

PLEASE ACT NOW to send a clear message to Sacramento that the RSD community WILL BE HEARD! 

Thank you ALL!

John Garrett
President, For Grace  

Thanks John!

Ok everyone, that's it for now. Thanks for reading and we will see you later!

Also thank you for putting us over the five million mark and then some on Thursday!

I deeply appreciate all of you pitching in to help here.

Tomorrow we will be sending out an email regarding a WC issue;
then one regarding some new articles we have added to the website;

and Next Week we will be sending out a special Announcement

"American RSDHope's 10 Year Anniversary Teddy Bear Naming Contest"
For some preliminary details, check out the What's New Section!

Thanks again everyone!

Peace, the Board at American RSDHope

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